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My Rant Place
if you dont like it why are you here?!
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11th-Jan-2010 10:14 am - Not one of the 93%!
LOST Rollcall

Repost this in your LJ if you know someone who has, had or has been affected by cancer! 93% WONT even take the time to Copy & Paste this...Will you?

Not only did I repost, I had to retype it!  I have lost 2 Grandparents to cancer. :(
9th-Jun-2009 01:40 pm - Wallpaper Meme
LOST Rollcall
1. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their livejournal.

2. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper.

3. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this. The point is to see what you had on.

I have a subscription to a newsletter. The newsletter is connected to a website that posts free wallpaper each month. I download the wallpaper for my work computer. I usually dont like pink but the image was beautiful. I decided to use the pink flower wallpaper as my background.
5th-Jun-2008 01:15 pm - It's Been A While...
LOST Rollcall
Yeah! Well hello there!

It's been a crazy year. I am here, bored at work as usual. I figured I would post the most exciting news that has happened recently!

William DeWitt Brooks was born at ~11:20am June 1st, 2008. He was 9lbs 15oz. Mother and baby are doing quite well and got to go back home yesterday!

Everyone is super excited about it all! I had to leave my sister to go back to work a day or two after Billy was born but it was nice to be there for her as it was her first child!

Anyways. Nothing much different with me. I have to pack to go to a conference that starts tomorrow in Atlanta, GA. Not really looking to the Heat but it will be cool to finally make an airplane ride when I was old enough to remember it!

Hope all is well with everyone! Have a great weekend!
7th-Oct-2006 02:14 am - :)
LOST Rollcall
Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - Ernest Gaines

We would like to know who really believes in gay rights on LiveJournal.There is no bribe of a miracle or anything like that. If you truly believe in gay rights, then repost this and title the post as "Gay Rights". If you don't believe in gay rights, then just ignore this. Thanks.
19th-Sep-2006 09:13 am - TLAPD
LOST Rollcall

It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day today. So Good MARRRRning to you all!
30th-Jul-2006 08:36 pm - Posted Text
LOST Rollcall
Tagged by OC_PIXIE

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people.

From Body of Lies by Iris Johansen
"Food was the last thing on his mind. The Grave. The report sent to Eve."

I tag anyone that wants it :)
20th-Jun-2006 04:23 pm - I appologize...
LOST Rollcall
Im sorry livejournal...ive been very neglectful lately.

There have been things to tell, I just havent had the thought to TELL them. I promise at some point i will update everyone with an overview of recent stuff but just know that nothing BAD has happened. I am still alive and healthy (well as healthy as i usually am i guess) albeit tired and bored.

Please forgive me all who read this...or would read it if i updated the damn thing! i have been reading my flist just havent taken the time to comment much either. Anyways, Love to you all! :)
LOST Rollcall

Which Eddie Izzard Quote Are You?

The Cunning Use Of Flags
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20th-Mar-2006 10:37 am - ok...here we go...
LOST Rollcall
So...notice how Ive not updated in a while? well i would like to say that it was because I was off having tons of fun and was too busy with that to update...that would be a load of crap because that ISNT why...

Thing is that i just havent really felt it necessary to update as the things going on in my life are the same as they always are. redundancy comes when i keep ranting about the same shiz...so im not gonna do that!

well i wont for a while i guess...

Update commencing in T-Minus 3 secondsCollapse )

basically, i had a nice, long, weekend. no major upsets and im actually pretty awake at the moment although i slept on the floor friday night (went to bed around 2am and got up at 8) and saturday night was long (went to bed around 3am and woke up around 9). Went to bed at a normal time last night and although i didnt feel like getting up this morning, i DID get up...earlier than usual (only hit the snooze once instead of three times) so i could do my hair and make my lunch.

So there you have it...my mega-update for the day. Ill probably post later in the week with a pic of the birthday cake and of my hair. ALSO i realize that i never posted my halloween costume pic...so i should do a picspam i guess.

anyways, i hope you all are well. Ive been reading my flist posts i just havent really commented...im a bad LJer i know but i just have to be in the mood to post! LATERZ!!
3rd-Mar-2006 04:28 pm - arg...
LOST Rollcall
Today started wonderfully...

and then...

it all when to shit.

why dont i just stop allowing this to happen? no clue...but i will move on at some point i promise

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